8 Ways to Study & Have Fun in Bologna

“I’d love to study in Bologna!”

“How come?”

“First of all, because I’m crazy about Italy and I identify with the lifestyle there. The people, the climate, the food – it’s the proverbial dolce vita! Plus Italian is a lovely language and seems fairly easy to learn. I think doing an Erasmus program there must be a lot of fun – and besides studying, I’m sure you can get to meet a lot of people”.

You’re not the only one who thinks an Erasmus study program in Bologna is an excellent option. In fact, “Bologna the Fat” welcomes you with open arms. How so, you wonder?

1. It’s just the right size.

The 400,000 of so bolognesi live in a comfortable city. If you like to walk, Bologna has been holding a pair of “Trekking Urbano” days for the last dozen years, every October 31 through November 1 (it’s free to participate, but you have to book a spot). It involves guided walks through the city and some surrounding areas. The theme for this year’s edition was “feeding body and mind”, with a mix of itineraries, exercises, and flavours.

2. The university here actually gave us the famous Erasmus himself

The halls of the Western world’s oldest university have seen giants of the sciences and letters such as Dante Alighieri, Petrarch, Thomas Becket and Nicholas Copernicus. But perhaps the most distinguished alumnus is the scholar Erasmus of Rotterdam, for whom the famous study-abroad grants are named.

3. Like motorcycles?

You’re in luck! “Motor Show” is the world’s most important auto show, with big names like Lamborghini and Ducati. In 2015, the dates are December 5 to 13.

4. Its history and heritage are extraordinary

Founded even before the ancient Romans, by the Etruscans, Bologna is one of the world’s best preserved historic cities, and its medieval quarter is surpassed only by Venice.

5. You have Italy’s most fascinating cities within easy reach

Where shall I go this weekend? Florence, 90 kilometres away? Maybe Venice, 150? How about Parma, an hour away by train? Take advantage of your Erasmus grant to organise trips with your friends to some remarkable places.

6. Good, good eating!

Restaurants stay open late and the night is young. Such is the life of a student in Bologna! The city’s most typical dish, tagliatelle al ragú, is delicious – and pretty cheap! No wonder they call it Bologna la Grassa (the Fat).

7. There are places where studying is a pleasure

That’s certainly true of the university library here (Via Zamboni 35), which is well known among students as a very special place to study for exams.

8. And of course – partying day and night

Bologna’s young people find lots of ways to have fun, and one of the biggest parties of the year is the October 4 Feast of San Petronio, which fills the streets with processions and onlookers to honour the city’s patron saint. Your chance to live an authentic Italian tradition!

Eight pretty irresistible reasons to choose Bologna, right? 🙂

Photo | Il Benni