Chicago, Cheaply (Actually, Free)

What else rhymes with “If it’s free it’s me?” Chicago does. The city with the third largest population in the United States is full of cheap kicks, places to see and plenty to do during your visit. But today we want you to pay close attention to three of its icons: Lincoln Park Zoo, Millennium Park and the Navy Pier. The reason being they’re always open and always free. Now you see how Chicago rhymes perfectly?

Kids of all ages – yes you – who love nature, animals and outdoor activities have an obligation to visit Lincoln Park Zoo (get off at the Armitage metro station). This is the country’s oldest zoo, and you might have heard of it before because of one particular bear that couldn’t handle the cold weather. Anana the polar bear was made famous because of the bad cold she suffered while living there. Ok, the sick bear aside, we highly recommend you check out the schedule of events slated at this amazing zoo.

To get the most out of your budget tour of Chicago, it’s essential you immortalize your reflection at the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, a.k.a the Bean, inside Millennium Park. It’s really impossible to get bored at this park. The summer vibe in this space is full of concerts and movies that are screened outdoors – all of them are free.

And the third in our list is Navy Pier. It’s the spot with a cool vibe where many go out to enjoy a stroll with some of the best views of Chicago. We’ll let you in on a secret: Only in the summer can you enjoy a unique spectacle, a fireworks show that fills the sky from Memorial Day (May 24th) up until Labor Day (September 1st). It happens every Wednesday and Saturday night. We promise it’ll be fun!

Photo | Wayne’s eye view