Chips a Cheap, Tasty Treat in Brussels

They’re everybody’s guilty (OK, sometimes not so guilty) pleasure: paper or cardboard cone of hot, crunchy, golden strips of fried potatos – lightly salted, maybe with a nice creamy mayonnaise or other sauce on the side.

Belgium’s capital is just the place, as it’s something of a paradise for chips (what North Americans call french fries), a treat famously beloved of Belgians, who do it perhaps better than anywhere else in the world. Frits (Flemish) aka frites (French) are sometimes also served with another Belgian classic, steamed mussels, but in any case they make a fabulous and inexpensive way (at generally less than 3 euros a cone) for you to tastily fuel up while exploring the historic centre of Brussels.

Where to find these chippies, called fritkots/friteries? Not so hard in this part of town, but naturally these days (all together now:) there’s an app for that! Download Fritkots (Des Frites à Bruxelles) for a rundown of the top spots for fried potatoes, including locations, hours, pictures, anecdotes, and more.

A new twist for an old favourite, for sure!

Photo | Anna Fox