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Santa Marta, en Colombia
6 July 2017

Santa Marta a Super-Cool Corner of Colombia

While international visitors to Colombia have been continuing to discover quaint Cartagena, as well as the dynamic cities of Medellín and Bogotá, one spot the Colombians themselves consider an under-the-radar gem is Cartagena's Caribbean-coast neighbour a bit over four hours' drive to the east: Santa Marta. Nowadays a city of nearly a...

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Viaje de estudios a Medellín
14 June 2017

Flowery Fun at Medellín, Colombia’s Flower Festival

Quite a few cities around the world have their signature annual festivals: Carnival in Rio, Venice and elsewhere; Munich's Oktoberfest; and the Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and Thanksgiving parades of New York City, for example. For Colombia's second-largest city it's a particularly unique one: the summertime's wonderfully colourful Festival de las Flores. Yes, in...

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