The ‘English Garden’ a Cool Spot for a Hot Munich Summer

If you’re on holiday in Germany or want to take a fun Euro city break from your studies, Munich is an extremely cool option not least because of its many fun places to party. When you get your chums together, a top choice in town to check out is the Englischer Garten.

One of the world’s largest urban parks (370 hectares/910 acres), with 78 kilometres of footpaths, it dates back to 1789 but even today is still extremely popular with Muncheners when the weather’s fine, offering them a leafy escape (crossed by a stream, the Eisbach) to enjoy a nice frosty beer; sunbathe; read; play a pick-up game of football; take pictures of the city skyline from the classical Greek-style Monopteros temple; surf the Eisbach (yes, indeed; there’s actually a wave machine); or just hang out. For something a little more exotic, check out the traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the teahouse on a little island at the south end.

And of course since friendly, fun-loving Bavarians are among Munich’s biggest appeals, the popularity of the Englischer Garten makes it a brilliant spot for people-watching. So sure, do visit the Altstadt (old town), the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, and outlying castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau… but make sure to also put a bit of English on your itinerary… you’ll thank us!

Photo | Gabinete