Flanders and Its Interesting “Bed and Bike” Initiative

As you know, together with French-speaking Wallonia and capital region Brussels, Flanders is the third of the regions of Belgium, with cool cities such as dynamic Antwerp, romantic Bruges, pretty Ghent, and youthful Leuven.

As we at Iberia Joven have made it our mission to help you to travel on a student budget, we offer the best fares going to Brussels. Then once you’re in-country, there are several options for getting around as cheaply as possible. One of the best is the “Bed and Bike”, a programme with the stamp of approval from Tourism Flanders.

The programme’s based on more than 300 Flemish hotels, hostels, and campgrounds labeled “bike-friendly”, designed to make it easy for cyclists to visit the region. What exactly does that mean? For starters, they’re all located within five kilometres of an official bike route, and they offer services particularly important to folks touring on two wheels, such as secure bicycle storage, repair kits, special cycling maps, and even bicycle rental itself. And of course all also offer comfy beds to crash in after a day of pedaling.

So come and bike around Belgium and get to know this charming small country, because you never know: this could well be your Erasmus destination (one of this country’s most popular, in fact, is Leuven, which you can learn about here).

Photo | Sandra Vallaure