Having fun in San José, Costa Rica

December and January are the best times of the year for travelling to Costa Rica, with minimum temperatures of 15ºC and maximum temperatures that go up to around 25ºC… Ideal!

Located in the Central Valley of the country, you’ll find the capital of the Republic: San José. The city is bursting with cultural life, interesting architecture and cheap food. On the streets, you’ll find several places of interest that have been declared as National Monuments, such as the ‘Edificio de Correos y Telégrafos’ (Central Post Office), the ‘Teatro Nacional’ (National Theatre), the ‘Museo del Niño’ (Children’s Museum) or the ‘Castillo Azul’ (Blue Castle). And as we all like to eat well and cheap between visits,you shouldn’t miss the popular “sodas”, which are small restaurants offering local and fast food, or the trendy bars that liven up the atmosphere at night.

December is the month during which the most enjoyable local festivals take place in the city of San José. On the second Saturday, the city celebrates its ‘Festival de la Luz’ (Festival of Light) and we are going to enjoy a great time here, next to the rest of the young people in the city. The traditional Christmas parade by ‘Paseo Colón’ and ‘Avenida Segunda’ is made up of endless floats that are beautifully decorated with coloured lights. And you will be able to see the most popular horse parade known as “Tope”, which takes up the centre of San José at the end of month (26th December).

Don’t forget your cameras for both of these! You’ll be in one of the safest capitals of Latin America. And remember, there is always something else to do around San José de Costa Rica… we talked already about it! Check it out here! 😉

Photo| Ray Smith