Fun in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park

Did you know that Tel Aviv has a city park larger even than New York City’s Central Park? We’ve already filled you in on cheap eats and activities in this cool Israeli city. One of those is spending some time with friends in popular Yarkon Park (also known as Ganei Yehoshua) – a great outing in a lovely natural setting just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Tel Aviv.

How about a little biking action? Over in the park’s eastern section right behind the tropical garden is a place that rents bikes and helmets – both regular and tandems (the latter always good for some extra fun). The bike routes take you past historic windmills and lakes with ducks, various birds, and rowboats for hire. Never a dull moment!

Over on the western side is Sportec, a sport centre which includes a 14-metre climbing wall, basketball court, a roller-skating rink, and some fun trampolines. There’s also a water park, one of Israel’s biggest, with water slides, wave pools, and more.

Photo | Dana Friedlander / Israeli Ministry of Tourism