Granada, An Ideal Student Destination

Students of the world, welcome to Granada!

It’s a city that uses special perks to win over the hearts of foreign exchange students, which includes the Erasmus Information point, one of the services offered by the municipal tourist information office. Students in Granada are treated to special offers that get them discounts on everything from monuments to guided tours, and shows, throughout the city. Take note because we’re going to tell you about three activities that come with great perks just for being an international student or an Erasmus student.

Relax inside a hammam: Spend an afternoon in these baths, which are rooted in Arabic tradition, and enjoy an original experience with your friends. A student’s life is hard, so right after finishing those final exams this will be just the experience you need to unwind.

Join a gym: Take advantage of your semester in school to join one of Granada’s gyms and stay in shape, all while you release some adrenaline.

Enjoy flamenco culture: You can attend tablaos and zambras that celebrate the best of local Gypsy music in traditional caves… with a 25% to 50% discount, just for being you. Granada is a city with its own groove that’s sure to get you yours. Get ready to have a spectacular time!

Photo | Jesús Solana