Barhopping and Partying in Granada’s Caves

We bet studying in Granada sounds like the experience of a lifetime. Well it is, because it’s a city you can do on a budget while enjoying an amazing atmosphere that includes people from all over the world and unique nightlife. Where else can you bring your night of partying to a spectacular close inside a cave? We propose you head over to the most iconic caves of all: the ones found in Sacromonte.

Start your night with a meal of tapas in the city center; from there you can catch a taxi straight to any of the caves that make up Sacromonte. Even if flamenco is not your cup of tea, all you need is an adventurous spirit to enjoy the experience. The locals will make sure you have a ball: It’s part kitsch, part cultural, and all celebration.

Hanging from the ceilings of the caves you’ll see all kinds of pottery, and the walls can tell you much about this place’s rich history through art, sculptures and photos. Basically, expect to have a drink and enjoy the skillful dance routines of these serious artists. It’s impossible not to enjoy something so typical of the area!

If you want to live this tale, you’ll have to visit Granada or pick it as the city for you to do study abroad. Being an Erasmus student is not a bad idea in this Spanish city. We’re pretty sure we’ve convinced you this is the ideal destination.

Photo | Marita Acosta