Holidays on Angola’s Mussulo Island

A mere 10 minutes outside Angola’s capital Luanda you’ll find a small island which is quite different from the rest of the region. The beach here is known not just for its cabanas and eateries dotted along the coast, but also because it represents the division between the calm waters of the bay and the open Atlantic.

The adventure begins with the boat ride from the port of Luanda (the only option for getting to Mussulo); just lean back, get some sun, and yes, in a mere 10 minutes you’ll be at your destination – where you’ll be bowled over by its paradisiacal “beachiness” – the powdery sand, the swaying palms, the intense blue hues of its water.

Once you’re here, activities include snorkelling, diving, and windsurfing. But if you just want to have a laid-back time luxuriating in the experience, you can also just rent a chaise-longue and relax until lunchtime. The restaurants and bars out here have good-sized menus. At the end of the afternoon, you can either return to Luanda or opt to spend the night at one of several hotels out here.

Either way – an excellent island adventure to remember!

Photo | ibnluanda