Majorca’s Freakiest Festival

Like all of Spain‘s three Balearic Islands, Majorca really comes into its own come summer, thanks not just to the hordes of beachseekers from all over Europe and the world, but various summer festivals. Top of that list for many takes place on August 14th, for the 14th year in Sineu, a charming town of not even 4,000 people near the centre of the island, known for its summertime open-air street market. La Mucada is one of the most fun street festivals, especially for young people, on these islands – and it’s also been called the “freakiest.” Participants dress in light pink clothes (the festival’s official colour) sold to raise money for local causes, and participate in the following highlights:

– the invocation of the Much, a famous bull.

– a morning gathering of locals and visitors including a mass breakfast called the Mukerricotaberna.

– the noontime pregón (proclamation) announces the arrival of the Much in Sineu’s central city hall square.

– the afternoon “brotherhood lunch” fills the town’s bars and restaurants with lively crowds, followed by s’encuentro (“the meeting”) between the Much and the Mucha in the Plaça del Fossar with an explosion of colour and joy.

Besides the Much and the Mucha, other personages from the festival include las egües fufes and la prohomonia dels donants de suc. An entire cast of characters and colourful local traditions, and a great way to add an unforgettable punctuation to your Majorca island holiday!

Photo | Juan Antonio Capó Alonso