Milan and Its Free WiFi

Could you ever imagine travelling or studying abroad without your devices – and ideally with local hotspots to use them on? Probably not. Well, one fetching city that makes it a whole lot easier for those on a budget – like most students! – is inimitable Milan, northern Italy’s home of fashion, business, and beautiful people. Here’s how to take advantage of the city’s public WiFi, which costs niente.

Open WiFi Milano, as it’s called, is open not just to residents but to visitors, too, and lets you do it all – surf the web, post to social networks, and share photos with friends – up to 300 megabytes a day (stay out after midnight, and it’s a whole new ballgame, baby!).

It’s accessible in hundreds of spots throughout much of the city (your phone, tablet or laptop will pick up the signal when it’s available). You’ll need to register first, of course – which you can do by logging on to here and entering your mobile number. Easy peasy!

In the age of social media, blogs, and online everything, we’ve sure got to say grazie to Milan city hall!

Photo | Marita Acosta