Studying and partying in Punta Cana

Where would you like to vacation as a student?

We’re sure that for many the answer is an exotic place: Punta Cana. We’d like to remind you that this spot in the Dominican Republic is the paradise students around the world dream of when they think of their senior trip.

Is the idea of swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean Ocean during the day and partying at night with your friends not good enough for you? The resorts in the area offer great entertainment at prices you can afford. The all-inclusive resorts include food, drinks activities and entertainment all for one set price.

Would you enjoy zip lining down Punta Cana? If you go to El Farallón you can. Do you want to learn how to paddle surf in the turquoise waters of Bahia Tortuga? You also can! And if snorkeling over coral reefs sounds phenomenal, there’s plenty of that. You can also head north and scuba dive through shipwrecks covered in marine plants and adorned with swimming tropical fish. These locations are so close to shore you can get there swimming.

Punta Cana is a paradise for water sports, hands down!

These are just some of the activities you can do while you’re in the area, enough to fill an adventure worth several days in the Dominican Republic.

Photo | Ted Murphy