Summer in San Telmo, Buenos Aires (Right Now!)

Let us ask you three questions:

1. Are you a college student in Argentina?

2. Are you planning to visit that outstanding South American country?

3. Do you live someplace where you want to take a break from the late winter chill?

If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of those questions, read on – we’ll help get you started on a memorable trip, indeed.

When it’s chilly in much of the Northern Hemisphere, down here it’s balmy summer. And nowhere is more appealing than Buenos Aires’ historic, picturesque San Telmo, popular with porteños (locals) of all ages and types but particularly notable these days for bronzed, carefree young people in shorts, enjoying the many cafés, pubs, restaurants, and tango, both on the streets and in clubs.

The heart of the neighbourhood, Plaza Dorrego, comes especially alive each Sunday, as the famous flea market takes over the square and surrounding streets with stalls crammed with all manner of bric a brac, memorabilia, and some pretty interesting vintage items and antiques, all mixed in with the usual chaff.

The city nicknamed “the Paris of the Americas” is made up of 48 districts – meaning 48 souls and 48 reasons to hop on a plane using your Iberia Joven discounts. It’s a young-feeling city – not a surprise considering all its schools and unis such as the prestigious University of Buenos Aires, one of Latin America’s very best.

So if after a long winter you don’t want to wait even longer for summer, come on down! You might even want to learn how to dance tango

Photo | Gustavo Brazzalle