Temple Bar, the Best Barhopping in the Heart of Dublin

Are you planning to visit Ireland, even if it isn’t St. Patrick’s Day? Or do you intend to do a few months of study abroad there? Well played then! Dublin is a whimsical destination filled with interesting spots. When you think of the capital of Ireland at night, you’ll crave things like hanging out in the fun and lively area known as Temple Bar. Get ready to share a pint of ice-cold dark beer with your friends while you barhop among Dubliners, a people known for their quick wit and their ease for telling a tale.

Did you know Dublin has been voted three times as the friendliest city in Europe?

Temple Bar is the heart of the nightlife scene that lives in the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Located in the center of Dublin, its main streets can be found between the Liffey River, Dame Street, the O’Connell Bridge and the Christ Church Cathedral. It’s a paved cultural enclave full of restaurants, bars and typical Irish pubs.

Among its tangled streets you can find the lively Meeting House Square, an open air space where all kind of parties and events are held. You’ll love this neighborhood, where you can listen to the best live music around. It’s affordable and offers a lively party scene. What more can you ask for?

Photo | Daspunkt