The Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana Beach Resort Is Packed With Adventure

So what do you think, our fine student friend? Where’s the next place you’d like to go with your mates? Chances are the Dominican Republic has at least crossed your mind – a sunny, fun destination popular with young and old, with lots of good holiday deals available. Here are a few pointers to get your interest piqued:

Playa Macao is a beach that you’ll love if you’re into surfing, while Juanillo, one of the Dominican’s top beaches, is a great spot for other water and land activities like beach volleyball, horseback riding, and kayaking.

Other corners of Punta offer all sorts of other fun stuff – zip line in El Farallón, for example, and paddle surfing through the turquoise waters of Bahía Tortuga. A bit farther north, you can do some great wreck diving. In short, this easternmost point of the DR is indeed a paradise of water sports as well as outdoor on-land adventures. Find out more here!

Add to that a sizzling local nightlife, and it’s a recipe for excitement both day and night. That’s just how Punta Cana rolls.

Photo | Ted Murphy