The Lawn on D: Boston’s Fabulous Getaway

Boston! A city that can give you everything you can ever want. From visiting the six museums at Harvard University (is there anyone who has never thought about getting a doctorate there?), to watching a game with the legendary Red Sox at Fenway Park and getting lost in the classic markets of this city, the truth is that Boston has a lot to offer any time of year.

And when the good weather comes around and you have more time to enjoy the outdoors, there is a place in Boston that gets nothing but positive comments and great words of recommendation on travel sites around the world: The Lawn on D (the garden on D, which refers to its location on D Street in the south area of downtown Boston).

This is an open-air venue where both visitors and Bostonians can spend their leisure hours enjoying the live music events (when they are scheduled) or simply contemplating the light show that begins when the afternoon falls, with a refreshing beer and in good company.

There are chess boards and life-sized chess pieces, as well as games of checkers, among many others, in addition to several stalls where you can order something to snack on and, of course, refresh yourself with many varieties of beer. Yet the most striking attraction of all in The Lawn on D are the illuminated circular-shaped swings where everyone wants to take a picture to post on their social media. This attraction has become the symbol of this recreational center, the perfect place to chill and relax after a party or a strenuous day walking around. So, if you plan to visit Boston, where you can enjoy a live musical show, dine in great ambiance or take a momentary nap, we suggest you follow the Twitter account of The Lawn on D to learn more about upcoming events.

Photo | Elevate