The Machines of the island of Nantes: What a Trip!

When you put Jules Verne’s wildest dreams in a cocktail shaker with the genius of an artist like Leonardo da Vinci and the talent of two street artists like Pierre Orefice and François Delarozière, the trip to an incredible fantasy world is more than guaranteed.

This magical alchemy takes place not too far away, on the Isle of Nantes (in the center of Nantes, for those who need to know the exact location). We are talking about Les Machines de L’Ile de Nantes, or the Machines of the island of Nantes.

Taking a walk through this unique amusement park is like entering a world of mechanical ingenuity raised to the nth degree. The complex is divided into different areas devoted to different themes, so we recommend you take it nice and slow, starting with the Gallery of Machines. In this area you will find an authentic bestiary of machines representing different animals. The Tree of the Herons, the Giant Ant and the Mechanical Spider are some of the inventions which you can ride in the coolest Mad-Max style.

Of course, you won’t want to miss the chance to ride on the back of the Great Elephant and enjoy the unique experience of feeling every last one of its gears in motion. The next area of the complex is composed of the Carousel of the Marine Worlds, a mechanical spectacle dedicated to the sea and divided into three levels: depths, abysses and marine surface. It’s a good time to have fun in its colossal carousel, diving surrounded by metal abyssal fish, squid and crabs, among many other marine creatures.

It’s a time for fantasy, an opportunity to put your childlike imagination to work. If you enjoy conquering the depths à la “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, a visit to see the spectacular Machines of the Island of Nantes is a trip you won’t want to miss.

Photo | Jean Pierre Dalberá