The Ultimate Coffee Klatch in Prague

I love coffee, you love coffee, we all love coffee! It’s your biggest ally when we’re pulling an all-nighter studying; it helps get you started in the morning and it’s a perfect excuse to hang out with friends. If you identify with any of these affirmations, you’ll love what we’re going to tell you about Prague.

It’s a city where fun happens. In Prague’s annual calendar of events, November brings a curious festivity that you don’t want to miss, the super popular Prague Coffee Festival. Sounds a bit hipster-y doesn’t it? In 2012 someone had the brilliant idea to make this event happen, and to this day it still takes place!

*You’d be happy to know that the organizer of the Prague Coffee Festival is the non-profit NGO Coffee Embassy.

When and where to go? The 15th and 16th of November from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is your big opportunity to do everything your heart desires with coffee – be it tasting it, buying it, and yes, even listening to it and laughing with it.

We all know there’s no better excuse to get together with friends than to gather around a cup of the original energy drink while enjoying a chill out zone where you can enjoy a bunch of cultural events. The festival takes place in hall 40 of the Pražská tržnice (Bubenské Náb?eží 13), a market located in the center of the Holešovice district.

There are so many interesting things to do in Prague when you’re a young student! It’s a city that appears elegant and restrained but it knows when to let its hair down when the time comes. Do you want us to tell you more or do you prefer to live the experience for yourself?

Photo | Prague Coffee Festival