A Visit to Peru’s Lunahuaná Valley

Peru is a destination popular with young people – cheap, fun, and with an appealing climate.

Part of the fun is the enormous range of adventures available to visitors. One you may not have heard of but you’re going to really love is an excursion south to a valley in Cañete Province, an area full of accommodations geared toward young travelers.

Lunahuaná Valley is all about nature and spectacular landscapes, and is also a great spot for adventure activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and rafting on the Cañete River.

After your action-packed day, you get to feast and party in a variety of local restaurants and pubs in which to hang out with your chums and sample the many types of Peru’s national booze, the brandy pisco – especially that distilled from uvina grapes grown only here. In fact, the area is especially worth visiting in March, which sees a number of festivals – not only celebrating grapes and wine, but also canoeing/kayaking and adventure sport in general.

More ample proof that in Lunahuaná Valley, action is a sure thing!

Photo | Sargue