La laguna de los Siete Colores que te dejará sin habla.

Sanctuary in honor of the dead in vibrant colors, with shades of yellow and blue, to celebrate the day of the dead in Mexico. Perhaps the most serious emblem of the holiday is the Offrenda, an altar honoring the dead. Offrendas are most often created in honor of one’s ancestors or loved ones, and contain a number of traditional elements, many drawn from indigenous Mexican traditions: Crosses and other religious emblems, including statuettes of saints. Water, sacred to indigenous pre-Columbian cultures, and a symbol of baptism and new life in the Catholic church. Salt, a preservative and purifying agent. Copal, a native incense used by the Aztecs. Candles, whose light guides the dead. Flowers, particularly the Cempazúchitl, or flower of the dead- the marigold, sacred to Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of the dead, they guide the spirits to their altars using their vibrant colors and scent, they also represent the fragility of life.
1 noviembre 2018

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¿Ya has pensado dónde vas a pasar Halloween? ¿Sabes cómo se celebra en México? ¿Quieres conocer las curiosidades de una fiesta cargada de simbolismo? Día de Muertos es una ceremonia que se inicia la tarde del 31 de octubre y que se celebra en todo el país, en especial el 1 y 2 de noviembre....

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