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  • Basel is a Swiss city with a very high quality of life but also some cool places to eat well yet cheaply (it also boasts the country’s oldest university, so students have played an important role here for centuries). Top of the list would be to......

  • Some two hours north of Medellín, one of Latin America‘s hot destinations of the moment, is a nature reserve consisting of more than 34,000 hectares of páramo – moorland composed of grasslands, mosses, lichens, and lowlying shrubs and small trees, sometimes mixed with wetlands, up between 2,400 and......

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  • Andalusia‘s biggest city has become something of a cult destination for young people, especially Europeans. One – but far from the only one – reason is Seville‘s world famous April festival, the Feria de Abril. But there are tons of other cool but lesser-known stuff to see, do,......

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