A Finnish Sauna… in Switzerland

“Hoi”/”Salü”/”Sali”… ¡Hola!

Let’s play.

Imagine a round enclosure, a very original sort of cabin, which turns out to be a Finnish outdoor sauna with a spectacular view of the Rhine. You are young, you are in Switzerland (Basel), and it is very, very cold… So how does a steam bath sound to you?

For this you’ll have to go to “Rheinbadehaus Breite” in Basel, the bathhouse on the Rhine. The place in question is called “Sauna am Rhy“, and offers a unique experience that will please both experienced users and those who have never tried it. After the sauna, the bravest can cool off in the Rhine. In short, the whole experience is about taking care of yourself, having fun and trying healthy things.

Sauna season at “Rheinbadehaus Breite” runs every year from the end of October to March. You don’t need to bring anything, since you’ll be provided with drinking water, a bathrobe, slippers, towels and soap for the shower. So keep it in mind, as it’s one of the most fun things one can do in Basel.

And is it very expensive to go to such a special sauna in Basel? The good news is that “Sauna am Rhy” offers reduced admission prices from Monday to Saturday: CHF 25 for staying until 5 pm and CHF 20 for staying until 3 pm. So carpe sauna!

Do you like discounts? Then fly with us to Basel, that strategically located Swiss city on the border with France and Germany, which also happens to be an Iberia destination. So don’t worry, be happy, because that means that if you’re young, an exchange student or on an Erasmus scholarship, flying there will not break your budget.

Sauna am Rhy
St. Alban Rheinweg 195
4052 Basel

Image | Juha Kinnunen