Beaches, Parties and Fun in Morro de São Paulo

If there is a destination where you can revel in gorgeous beaches, play under the sun and enjoy a truly unique vibe, that place is Morro de São Paulo, on the coast of beautiful Brazil.

No wonder it attracts so many visitors! Just look on the Internet and you’ll quickly find phrases such as “We are ten friends on the road to Morro de São Paulo…” or “We are six friends celebrating our birthdays in Morro de São Paulo…” The rest you can already imagine: lots of tips on where to find good accommodations, where to party and enjoy the Brazilian sun from those who are already familiar with the place.

There are beaches in Morro de São Paulo, and the funny thing is that instead of having names, they are conveniently numbered from 1 to 5. Also, they are all are very different from each other. The First Praia (beach) is the smallest, yet it has the most intense “wave activity.” It’s a good starting point, but certainly not the most spectacular of all. The good thing about this first beach is that it is followed by Segunda Praia (also known as Praia da Poça), which is the beach you’ll want to head to as fast as your flip flops allow.

In this second beach you will find absolutely everything at all hours of the day or night (can you think of anything more appealing for a non-stop holiday?): During the day, the vibe there is unbeatable, since you can join an improvised game of beach volleyball, play soccer, or even have a drink in any of the bars and restaurants that surround the beach.

Then, as night begins to fall, the party gets started to the rhythm of the music, the dances start to set the mood, and the second part of the day begins: the always magical night in Morro de São Paulo. But be warned: if you are looking for absolute peace and quiet, you might want to give the second beach a pass. However, if you’re looking for non-stop fun, the Second Praia is the place for you.

Of the other beaches, the Quarta Praia is the most extensive, wild and paradisiacal of all. It’s the typical tranquil beach like out of a shipwreck movie. Natural pools are formed at low tide, which gives it an even more spectacular setting in which to swim under the sun.

So this is Morro de São Paulo: lots of young visitors looking for fun, incredible postcard-pretty beaches, and a lot of good vibes. A great destination to make unforgettable memories.

Photo | Renato Alves