A Brazilian Sunday at the Ipanema Fair

Ipanema Fair, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On Sundays in Rio de Janeiro, you have a can’t-miss event at the Ipanema Hippie Fair, which is the biggest outdoor hippy fair in the whole country.

You’ll travel to Rio de Janeiro and if you feel like buying a good souvenir of the city for you or your friends, you’ll find the solution at the Ipanema Fair. With numerous market stalls, the Ipanema Fair has been growing since it began in 1968 when the hippies of the area wanted to expose their crafts. Nowadays, you’ll find paintings of favelas, clothes, souvenirs, leather items…everything you are looking for to buy as a gift for someone or for yourself.

At other stalls, you’ll find traditional food, so make a stop and fill up so that you can continue with the day of shopping. The prices are quite a lot cheaper than those you’ll find around the district. Mind you, remember to keep haggling. We promise that it’s a good way to spend a Sunday in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo | Renato Sil