Brixton, one of London´s hotspots

Brixton, a London hotspot of the moment

The ability of the U.K.’s dynamic capital on the Thames to constantly reinvent itself never fails to amaze us.

As summer is upon us, thousands of young people will hop on airplanes in their home countries and take off for one of London’s five airports, making excited and exciting plans even as they buckle themselves in. Some are coming to study English, others for summer jobs, and yet others on holiday – but awaiting all of them are powerful, perhaps life-changing new experiences in one of the world’s most fascinating capitals. A visit or stint studying or simply living in this city is something everyone should do once in his or her life.

However, with all London’s multifarious neighbourhoods to explore, it’s easy to feel a bit at sea and not know where to start. Allow us to make a suggestion just to get you rolling: of the British capital’s trendy emerging districts, one that is inexpensive and still relatively under the radar that we especially like is Brixton. Once with a bit of a “tough guy” reputation, today it’s a colourful multi-ethnic community where especially Caribbean and African immigrants happily live side by side with hipsters, creatives, alt types and even more exotic urban fauna. Get right into it to explore its contrasts – with skating rinks, open-air markets, and funkily adorned cafés just the tip of an iceberg big enough to sink the Titanic.

And if you like live music, don’t miss out on one of Brixton’s top venues, a onetime cinema which will have you dancing in no time: O2 Academy Brixton (211 Stockwell Road), one of London’s hottest clubs, with a cult following for the major bands of all types that it regularly books.

Welcome to South London – welcome to Brixton!

Photo | Rob Sinclair