Discover cinema behind the scenes

universal studios

If you put the world’s largest film studio together with a theme park, the result is Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles.

As soon as you enter, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a film, in fact, you might even be lucky to see a Hollywood star because many film scenes are shot here. The most surprising attraction for the lovers of the seventh art will be the Universal Tour. This is a 1-hour tour on a tram around the different film sets and scenes, while a guide explains the best-kept secrets to all of you. The place where the plane accident took place in The War of the Worlds or the alleys that Spiderman scaled will be some of the places that you will tour. Even the Wisteria Lane neighbourhood in Desperate Housewives pops up during the tour, so that you can also enjoy the scenes of some famous series by Universal.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not only about a production studio, there are also theme attractions like The Simpson Ride, which is a virtual roller-coaster that lets you join in the adventures of this small family. All this is a unique experience in which you’ll learn a little more about the celluloid world.

Photo | Prayitno