Cool Drinks & Eats on Seville’s Plaza San Salvador

We’ll head along to none other than the old town of the elegant city of Seville to enjoy some of the best snacks with friends from Spain, Europe, and all other parts of the world (olé!). What’s it called? The Plaza de San Salvador.

In the district of Alfalfa and in the shade of the San Salvador church, this pedestrian area opens up characterised by charm and good vibes with its traditional cobblestones. This place in Seville has always been used this way in the past as an area of leisure and to meet.

Seville is always appealing. Not only due to its young and beautiful people, but rather its lust for life. It’s a place of study desired by everyone, as Andalusia is a good example in the south of Spain.

There are several bars and restaurants in the area where their names stand out for their tapas, terraces, and good snacks. La Alicantina is one of the most well known: despite not being as cheap as it used to be, they still serve one of the best ‘ensaladillas rusas’ (Olivier salads) in the city. Another place to bear in mind is the Freiduría El Salvador with its good atmosphere, quick service and affordable prices. Lastly, the bar called Los Soportales is another popular establishment, and a great place to have a beer in the sun on a Friday afternoon (and it’s always packed). Tejas Dulces de Sevilla (Plaza Jesús de la Pasión, 13) is a nearby patisserie that takes care of the sweets and, as its name suggests, sells some of the most recommended delicious creations.

Enjoy the unique and fun atmosphere in Seville, the afternoons on sunny or shaded terraces, and the snacks with some friends. A Spanish destination where it’s easy to meet people and where studying is a pleasure.

Photo | Eddy Van 3000