Corfu: The Essence of the Greek Islands

Although it’s not the first island that comes to mind when we think of the Greek islands (usually we think of Crete, Mikonos or Santorini first), the island of Corfu is one of the largest in extension and one which offers the possibility of enjoying a full vacation without having to leave the island.

The first thing that sets Corfu apart is its location in the Ionian Sea – unlike the aforementioned islands, which lie to the right of Athens, in the Aegean Sea – but it’s not the only thing. In addition to having miles and miles of beaches tempting you to relax and enjoy a summery cocktail, Corfu is the sum of some very good examples of Greek history, culture and tradition. In other words, you won’t go hungry for a delicious moussaka when you get the craving.

You can easily spend a relaxed day in the city of Corfu (Kerkira) strolling through its picturesque streets, and stopping from time to time –there’s no need to hurry!– to find a good place to enjoy a cool drink. One of the city’s points of reference is the famous Spianada, which is considered the largest square in Greece and, because of its location on the seafront, one of the most spectacular garden squares where you can enjoy an improvised picnic (which offers you a good opportunity for some savings).

Of course, there’s a lot more to see in the historical center of the city (several palaces and museums that are worth a visit by themselves). Once you’ve seen them, you can start to look towards the areas surrounding the city: the Achilleion Palace (also known as the Palace of Princess Sissi) is one of the must-see places on the island of Corfu. With its distinctive Pompeian style, the building is closely linked to the myth of Achilles, who has his own bronze statue in the palace gardens.

And to devote as much time as your heart desires to the absolute enjoyment of the sun, the crystal clear blue waters of the sea, and the beautiful natural surroundings, there’s nothing like the beaches of the bay of Paleokastritsa, which well deserve a preferred space on your list of places to see. With its little coves between rocks, its turquoise waters, and the natural peace that surrounds this area of ??beaches, it’s the perfect vacation spot.

Summer is just around the corner, so when’s a better time to book your flight to Corfu?

Photo | Throsten Mohr