Delphi, a place you won’t easily forget

A hidden jewel behind Mount Parnassus awaits those who shrewdly decide to leave the charms of Athens and the Greek islands and look inland. Not far from Athens is Delphi, a remnant of the past where it’s still possible to visualise the ancient civilization that dominated the country thousands of years ago.

One single word is not enough to describe Delphi: impressive, wonderful, mind-blowing…any expression falls short in verbalising visitors’ reactions to what was once the most famous sanctuary (and place of pilgrimage) in the ancient world, as well as the home of the famous oracle that answered the questions of travellers from all over the known world.

In Delphi you’ll find the living memory of a (and in some places, almost physically intact) journey that was a daily occurrence in this incredible historical and ancient complex, with the hot spots being the two sites that alone already justify the trip: the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi.

At the Sanctuary of Apollo only the base and a few columns still exist, but this shouldn’t stop you from climbing up the stone ramp that leads to the luxurious interior of the temple. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Oracle of Delphi, with its peculiar, doughnut-shaped structure, is no less impressive; especially if you close your eyes and imagine pilgrims from all over the world waiting their turn right there to hear what the future would hold for them.

In addition to these two unique world treasures, in Delphi there is another wonder that’s yours to discover if you have the strength and stamina to go up to the Stadium of Delphi, which can hold about 7,000 spectators and where the Phytic Games were held. To end a full day in Delphi, three visits that you can’t miss are the theatre, the gym and, of course, the Archaeological Museum that you’ll find at the entrance to the site.

There are many ways to travel back in time, but one of the most effective is to visit the historic complex of Delphi in Greece. Do you dare to step on sacred territory? Book your Athens flights now at the best prices and rewind a few thousand years in an instant.


Photo: Walkerss