Discover Berlin’s Vibrant Friedrichshain

Berlin is a city you should keep in your sights for hundreds of reasons, and one of these is the particular way in which its inhabitants experience it. Perhaps it’s due to the spirit of freedom that the tearing down of its famous wall seems to have left in its wake, but it is clear that Berliners enjoy their city just as it is, without paying attention to those little quirks that may be considered imperfections in other cities. And this makes Berlin a place that truly rocks!

For example, it is one of the few cities where nobody seems to pay attention to the graffiti that color its buildings, their doors and even windows, which give the city a rebellious, punkish look. The posters for concerts and parties accumulate on the streetlights, layer after layer (to form a sort of armor around them), without anyone worrying about removing them. Again, Berlin is a city where nobody pays attention to these small details, yet is doesn’t cease to be a modern and welcoming city.

And one of the districts that best represents this spirit is Friedrichshain (located on the river Spree not far from the historical center of the city), the perfect area to look for accommodations at a good price and dive directly into the city’s vibrant culture. What will you find in this nerve center of Berlin? Dozens of restaurants where you can start the day with brunch, pizzerias, and all kinds of restaurants, all with a vibe that’s difficult to find in other cities in the world. Of course, there are people walking the streets, flea markets on weekends, and beautiful parks where people enjoy their city to the fullest. In addition, for those who don’t like to see the party end, the Friedrichshain area is a safe bet: in its vicinity (although keep an eye on distance; Berlin is a huge city) there are some iconic party places such as Sisyphos (a small, very cool venue with beach sand, a bonfire at midnight and the best Dj’s), the Matrix Club or the legendary Berghain, and all of them open their doors from Friday to Monday.

Berlin has a lot of cool places to see, but for everything worth knowing (that you will not find in postcards of the city) you will have to go discover Friedrichshain.

Photo | Peter Dargatz