Discover the “Key” to a Fun Time in Cuba!

Cuba, what a country! We’ve told you about its gorgeous beaches and mountains and suggested excursions to the wonders of rural Viñales and Ancón beach for some sun and sand. But how about hopping on a small plane in Havana and flying to Cayo Largo, one of the most incredible places in Cuba? Remember, it’s always time for a great adventure!

This small key in the middle of the Caribbean is located on Cuba’s southern coast. What can one do in Cayo Largo? The list includes: shores of incredibly crystalline waters bordered by leafy mangroves, like those of Playa Sirena, one of the most spectacular in the country; photo ops with iguanas as they relax in the sand (on Cayo Iguana); fun boat trips with on-board entertainment; and unforgettable sunsets.

Among the activities that you can enjoy in Cayo Largo, two stand out for us:
1) Kayaking. In Playa Sirena, the wild enclave located on the west side of the key, you can enjoy all types of water activities, including hopping on a canoe and paddling away. Only from a kayak can you really take in the sea, the beaches and the coast, and on top of that, it’s a great form of exercise.

2) Diving. Though you’ll be fascinated just diving with goggles and a tube, if you scuba dive in Cuba you’re in luck. Cayo Largo has a great spot for this sport, Parque Nacional Marítimo (Maritime National Park) in Punta Frances, a protected area that guarantees some of the most spectacular dives in the world. Among reefs, you’ll find that the quantity and variety of marine life is overwhelming.
So whether you’re on a grand tour of Cuba, or you study there, any occasion is a great opportunity to discover a real diamond in the rough. Cuba, what a trip!

Photo | Alessandro Caproni