Don’t Leave Paris without Visiting Montmartre

It is the quintessential Parisian bohemian neighborhood. And although it may not be the largest, it’s definitely interesting enough to warrant spending a day there on your next trip to Paris. We are talking, of course, about Montmartre, and these are some of the reasons to visit it.

This particular neighborhood is known for having been the center of reference for artists in the French capital; the place where they found the needed inspiration to create what are now considered world masterpieces. Just by mentioning some of the artists who lived in Montmartre, you will get an idea of ??the strong artistic pull of the neighborhood: Van Gogh, Picasso and Renoir, to name a few.

One of the main points of interest in this section of the city is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, one of the great icons of Paris. It’s worth stopping at the top of its front stairs for a few minutes to contemplate the typical white-fronted buildings with the recognizable gray roofs that can be seen from Sacré-Coeur (the French name of the basilica). It’s the perfect place to visit before taking a walk through the neighborhood and its narrow alleys.

The neuralgic point of the neighborhood is found in the Painters’ Square (Place du Tertre), where the artists who try to make a name for themselves on the cobbled streets make portraits of the visitors who browse there. If you have the desire to enjoy an authentic Parisian crepe, this is the perfect moment: the square is full of coffee shops.

Another picturesque sight in Montmartre: the old wheat grinding mills. At present, two are especially recommended: the Moulin Radet and the Moulin de la Galette, a typical restaurant in the area.

Finally, you simply cannot conclude your walk through this historical neighborhood without visiting the mythical Moulin Rouge, where shows continue to be offered. It‘s a place in keeping with the essence of the cabarets so fashionable in Paris during the crazy twenties, or at least their modern version.

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Photo | Juanedc