Eating delicious and cheap cuisine in Tel Aviv

Mercado de Carmel, en Tel Aviv

Close your eyes and think of Tel Aviv. What do you see? If the image that appears before you is one of a modern and cosmopolitan city, then we’re talking about the same large city, which is considered as the capital of Israeli culture. Tel Aviv-Yafo welcomes tens of thousands of students who attend its University, the Academic College of Yafo and other academic institutions. And where do these people go when they want to eat cheaply? Keep this name in mind: the Carmel Market (11 HaCarmel St.), which is Tel Aviv’s main outdoor marketplace.

Very near to the fashionable district of Neveh Zedek, the heart of Carmel Market is a stimulating place in Tel Aviv that demonstrates how creative food lies in simplicity. Since hidden delights such as the refreshing and freshly squeezed pomegranate juice or the best hummus of the city are offered at the stalls for only 2.50 euros. Good, nice and cheap.

And don’t forget to explore the surrounding areas because streets like Hillel Hazaken offer plenty of international cuisine and at good prices (it’s possible to eat perfectly well for about 5 euros maximum, so imagine all that you can save).

Enjoy the taste of Tel Aviv!

Photo | Marita Acosta