Exploring Sardinia’s ‘Caribbean’

Did you know that the island of Sardinia is one of the most spectacular beach destinations in the Mediterranean? It has endless paradisiacal beaches, unbeatable weather, and is just two hours by plane from Madrid to your destination in Olbia, in case you needed more enticement to let yourself go.

We are talking about the Costa Smeralda [Emerald Coast] and it’s waiting for your next vacation this summer. Best of all, you’ll arrive at this Mediterranean paradise in the time it takes you to watch a couple of episodes of your favorite series (is there a better way to make time fly?).

But before you put on your swimsuit and start running towards the beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda, you’ll want to take some time to get to know Olbia, the most important city in the north of Sardinia. If you’re one of those who won’t pass up the opportunity to visit a medieval castle, in Olbia you’ll find your own private history book: whether you visit Pedres Castle, the Castle of Molara, or Sa Paulazza Castle, you’ll travel back to the Middle Ages in a flash.

And to put that time machine to good use, a visit to Olbia’s Roman aqueduct is another essential stop before taking out the flip flops and the diving gear. By the way, the nightlife in this small but cozy city is worth experiencing: many bars and nightclubs light the historic center until the early morning hours.

Having seen all this, you’ll be ready to head for the crystalline beaches of Costa Smeralda with the knowledge that you have enjoyed Olbia to the max. Once in the coastal zone, your options are endless (the difficult thing is not finding a paradisiacal beach).

A little more than half an hour by road from Olbia you’ll reach Liscia Ruja beach (also popularly known as Long Beach), the most complete and better-equipped beach in the entire Costa Smeralda area. And about fifteen minutes from there you’ll find another beach where you’ll want to live forever: Capriccioli Beach. With its small stones, crystal clear blue waters and peaceful atmosphere, you won‘t have a care in the world.

There is a lot to do and discover in Sardinia, and starting in the north, with its spectacular Mediterranean landscapes, is one of your best options. You only need two things: a desire to enjoy spectacular beauty and to book your direct flight to Olbia as soon as possible.

Photo | Simon