Fair Time in Jerez (10-17 May)

Horse fair in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Jerez is ramping up for the 2015 Horse Fair on 10 to 17 May, with more than 200 booths where you’ll find no shortage of chances to sample the famed aromatic local wines and rebujito (a sherry/soft drink cocktail), accompanied by a small plate of pescaíto (fried fish).

Throughout the Real, the main promenade of the fair, you’ll see a great number of riders (including female riders, amazonas, tricked out in flamenco finery). You can ride a horse-drawn carriage to tour the fair and learn its history. Originally it was essentially a horse market dating back to the Middle Ages, but it has evolved into what is today an extraordinary spectacle that showcases the best traditions (and horses, of course) of Jerez.

In addition, there are many events and exhibitions (both domestic and international) of dressage, the Fair of Bulls, and other matters equestrian – enough to make yourself practically an expert in the horsey arts yourself. The proceedings continue all day at the school, but the best time to visit is in the afternoon when many booths sponsor live flamenco performances. If you have an interest in one of Spain’s most iconic art forms, flamenco song and dance, this is a must. You can even learn a few moves, we promise!

Photo | Dominic Alves