Finding Free Wi-Fi in New York

With your smartphone in hand, you’ll only need an internet connection to find out the latest in your social networks, as well as to check what you can visit in the city that day. Luckily, New York has many free Wi-Fi areas to offer such as the parks. But if you also feel like a cup of coffee in a cosy café, we’ll make it easy for you:

Tea Lounge: There won’t be a table without someone with a laptop. Their speciality is their buns with coffee during the day, but then all attention is concentrated on the bar later on as that’s when the live music starts. (837 Union St. Brooklyn)

Think Coffee: Close to New York University, this café is used to many people forgetting their chargers, so there are sockets available in order to keep your batteries charged. The speed is over 3MB and the tables and chairs are fairly comfortable. (Check the locations here)

Blue Spoon: High speed internet (3MB) and freshly made pastries. Enjoy them with a mochaccino and surf the net the whole afternoon. (Check the location here)

Photo | Gibson Golfer