From Palace to Palace in St. Petersburg

It has an endless list of beautiful spaces and architectural jewels that make it a unique city, from immense urban gardens in which to wander leisurely and relax, to once-in-a-lifetime museums, such as the Hermitage (which houses one of the largest art collections and galleries in the world, not too far in importance from the Louvre in Paris). We’re talking about St. Petersburg, the most monumental city in all of Russia.

And being the city of tsars par excellence, if there’s something that’s not lacking in St. Petersburg, it’s its magnificent palaces, which are capable of transporting you, in a single second, to a world of elegant salons, huge marble staircases and exquisite ornaments, beautifully crafted.

Among St. Petersburg’s most impressive palaces, there are three that you can’t fail to include in your itinerary, as they embody the most authentic history of this vast country: the palaces of Peterhof, Pushkin and Yusupov.

The Peterhof Palace is a must-see not only for the different palaces that make up this residential complex, but also for the immense gardens that surround it. Perhaps you have heard the Peterhof palace described as “the Russian Versailles”, and there’s a good reason for this. It’s a World Heritage Site composed of a truly one-of-a-kind group of stunning buildings and spectacular gardens. It’s the palace to visit when there’s not too much time and we must choose ??the most emblematic or unique.

The Yusupov Palace, on the other hand, is a favorite of those lucky enough to go to St. Petersburg on their vacations. In the past, the palace belonged to one of the richest families of the city, the Yasupov, and it houses the story of Rasputin and his tragic end between the walls of the palace. To get the most out of this historical place, it’s certainly worthwhile to hire a guide.

Finally, another great place to visit is the Pushkin Palace, also called Catherine’s Palace. It is located to the south of the city (about 18 miles from the center; keep an eye on distances) and was another of the summer residences of the Russian tsars. The ballroom is especially famous, as is the Amber Chamber, an incredibly opulent room made from thousands of amber chips, and exquisitely decorated.

If you want to feel like a tsar and experience palace life for a day, take advantage of the good weather and head for St. Petersburg.

Photo | Ninara