Götgatan: Stockholm’s Most Vibrant Street

Stockholm is undoubtedly one of Europe‘s most vibrant destinations in. Its elegant classical architecture and the particular urban landscape that make up this city (it stands on a total of fourteen islands) make it a unique destination, not just on the Old Continent, but in the world. And although you can feel this vibe along every street and canal in the city, there are certain areas where the cool atmosphere reaches its highest levels. This is the case of Götgatan Street, the epicenter of trendy Stockholm par excellence.

Located on the island of Söderman (in the southern section of Stockholm’s center), Götgatan Street is one of the busiest in the city, given its peculiar blend of vintage, commercial and modern styles. Due to this eclectic mix, many call this unique enclave the hipster mecca of northern Europe, and we can’t say we disagree. Getting to Götgatan street is easy from Stockholm Central Station, stopping at Slussen (located in the northern part of the island). This is the perfect place to start a long day of shopping. And there are shops of all kinds: from stores specializing in second-hand clothes and vintage accessories to internationally renowned brand stores. Besides, music, book, and home goods stores are plentiful in this area.

Some of the shops worth a visit include Fabrique (an artisanal bakery), Emmaus (secondhand clothes) and Hellstone (guitars and other musical instruments). This is also a place where you’ll find plenty of modern bars and cafés among the bustle of those who come to this area to see and to be seen. It’s the perfect cap to an afternoon of shopping “Götgatan style.”

Photo | Bengt Nyman