Il buco and other Roman curiosities

Relax, Rome… We’ve talked about you, but only to point out good things, of course. Basically, we’ve revealed a few secrets about your neighborhoods, such as Testaccio, a student area that is really worth knowing, or Trastevere, whose streets seem to have been made for the young.

We still think that Rome is the city to do it all: to study, but also to have a great time. There’s nothing better than to go out for a stroll and allow yourself to be surprised by its many curiosities, like the “Keyhole”. Let us tell you the story.

A wonderful evening stroll can take you and your friends to Il Buco della Serratura. Buco means “hole”, and serratura means “lock” – which literally describes this most unusual attraction: one of Rome’s most unique lookouts, which is also, as the name implies, the smallest. It offers one of the most interesting views of the city, and without a doubt it is one of the Italian capital’s many wonders that you shouldn’t miss.

To reach this unique destination in Rome, you need to head to the top of the Aventine Hill. There, at the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, you’ll be wowed by this plaza’s magical atmosphere, all the more impressive in the dark.

Then, as you peer through the keyhole (Il buco della serratura) in the imposing wooden portal of the Priory of the Knights of Malta and look towards the horizon, you’ll be amazed by the most charming view of the dome of St. Peter.

It’s one more great way for an Erasmus student to enjoy Rome. You will find this and other curiosities at the Iberia Joven portal, created for people like you. Are you studying abroad? Discover the advantages of the Go Study fare, join the club and start traveling.

Photo | Federico Borghi