Marvel at Amsterdam’s Luxurious Houseboats

You can’t talk about Amsterdam without mentioning its famous canals and how they connect practically the entire city. And as a visitor to this magical place, you will want to travel its watery routes in a private boat. Best of all, this can be accomplished for a small fee that can be shared between five or more people. A few snacks and soft drinks is all you will need for a pleasant river crossing before stepping on the mainland.

Apart from the experience of taking the rudder of the boat and controlling the throttle (although the craft’s top speed is not exactly that of a racing boat), it’s a lot fun to take a map of Amsterdam and tour the city from point to point. The mansions that border the riverbank usually open their curtains wide to reveal the luxury enjoyed by the most affluent classes, and the applause you’ll receive when passing under any of the city’s many bridges will be cause for celebration on board.

Having said that, some of the most striking elements you will find when touring Amsterdam by boat are the famous houseboats anchored on both sides of the river. This type of housing became fashionable in the middle of the last century, when many boats were put up for sale to be used as homes. Now these colorful places are in high demand and have become coveted by many.

And they are far from being small and uncomfortable, like the home of some old freshwater sailor you might imagine; some of the houseboats seen there are real luxury homes. Beautifully decorated, they have all the comforts of a high-level home. And if you want to experience them from the inside, you can visit an authentic houseboat in the aptly named Houseboat Museum.

Amsterdam is full of surprises, so can we start to plan your next trip to the capital of the beautiful canals?

Photo | Djedj