New York Relives those Crazy Roaring ‘20’s

The city of New York (and New Yorkers) is full of surprises, especially when it comes to recreating moments from the past with the sole purpose of having a good time immersing in a bygone era.

A great example of this is the event that we’ll be talking about in this article, and that you simply cannot miss if you visit the Big Apple in August: the Jazz Age Lawn Party, a unique event held two weekends a year (once in June and then at the end of August). Dressed in the style of the 1920s, attendees get to enjoy the unique spirit of that decade in the twenty-first century.

The event takes place on Governors Island, the small island that appears in the middle of New York Bay, very close to the Statue of Liberty. Open to the public in the summer months, it hosts more than just a costume party to commemorate the roaring twenties. Because, although to have fun is the ultimate goal during the two days of celebration, those who attend take everything related to clothing, accessories and hairstyles very seriously.

What will you find at this unique summer party? Music of the twenties, of course, people dancing the Charleston and the Shimmy, and the most striking fashion styles you can imagine. Everything – from the décor to flappers’ makeup – is extremely faithful to the era, including the music played by the ‘20’s inspired orchestras throughout the day. In addition to the effervescent party atmosphere, the event includes concerts, dance lessons, Charleston contests and even vintage car parades, beautifully crafted pieces of American history worth seeing.

To access the enclosure where the event takes place, you need to buy tickets (they start at about $40 and you can buy them on the event’s website), but you can also watch the festivities from the outside. Of course, if you’d like to put on your bow tie, flapper skirt, or other fun paraphernalia from the beginning of the last century, it may be worth it to attend.

Did you ever dream of living in the twenties for a day? Traveling this summer to New York you have the opportunity to live your dream!

Photo | Paul Stein