One Trip, Three American Cities: New York, Philadelphia and Washington!

Washington DC is the perfect destination to visit along with nearby cities like New York or Philadelphia, which are not far from the political capital of the United States. In fact, a great way to explore all three without spending a lot of hours behind the wheel is to start by visiting New York. After enjoying the wonders of the Big Apple, you can rent a car and drive to Philadelphia (where you can get a great sense of the city in just a couple of days). After Philly, as the locals call the City of Brotherly Love, you can drive on to historical Washington DC.

But first things first: After hundreds of movies and TV series set in the Big Apple, from Wall Street to Sex and the City, we’re sure you have many ideas on what to do and what places to visit in New York. Of course, you can start by exploring Manhattan in depth, from Soho and Tribeca in the south, to Central Park and Harlem farther north. You can take a stroll on its wide avenues, be amazed by the soaring skyscrapers, or organize a visit to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Outside of Manhattan, you might want to jump to Brooklyn or go down to Coney Island to enjoy the many delights of the legendary New York amusement park.

Philadelphia also has its own to charm and history, especially as it relates to the Declaration of Independence of the United States back in 1776, and the venerated figure of one of its most famous Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin. In Philly you can visit his first home, as well as the grave in which thousands of Americans religiously deposit flowers.

Once you have explored this picturesque city from end to end, you can set off for Washington, DC. Apart from being the political heart of the country, this city is a goldmine of fabulous museums. There are some dedicated to the history of the United States (the National Museum of American History, for example), in addition to many others also of historical significance, such as the Holocaust Museum and the National Museum of Natural History, all of which are highly recommended.

Of course, don’t forget a visit to the White House (although you can only take a glimpse of the nation’s most famous residence, due to the intense security in the area). Take a walk through Constitution Gardens, the green enclosure where many essential places meet in Washington, DC: the Lincoln Memorial, with its enormous size and solemnity; the moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and of course, the famous United States Capitol, which is the building that houses the two chambers of Congress.

As you can see, visiting Washington DC and, at the same time, exploring its two neighboring cities, New York and Philadelphia, is perfectly doable.

Photo: C. Rubow