Party on the King’s Day in Amsterdam!

There are a thousand great reasons to plan a study trip to Amsterdam in the spring. One of them, maybe the best of all, is to enjoy the most amazing party in the capital: the Koningsdag or King’s Day. It all started in April of 2013, after the coronation of King Willem-Alexander. It was then that Amsterdam decided to celebrate the Day of the King, since until then it had only celebrated the Day of the Queen. Like every year, the King’s Day is celebrated on April 27 to coincide with the birth of the monarch. The event takes place all around the city and to unleash the biggest outdoor party in Amsterdam‘s annual calendar, people wear oranje (orange) as a sign of respect for the Dutch royal family.

Actually, the fun starts on the eve of the big day, during King’s Night. DJs perform in the squares and a spectacular parade of boats beautifully decorated for the occasion sails through the canals, while live music floods the streets. The people of Amsterdam dance as they watch them pass, never missing a beat! It’s quite a show! Young people have a blast with the live music or strolling through the huge market that takes up the entire city.

But the official Day of the King celebrations are something else altogether. This year there are eight of them and they take place in different venues and locations: RAI Amsterdam (where the famous Kingsland Festival takes place); the Olympic stadium (venue of the Nassau Festival, with techno and house music performances throughout the day); the Meerpark, and so on. The performances start at midday, around 12 o’clock, and of course music, live bands and fun are guaranteed. Orange you glad you know?

So plan your trip to Amsterdam on this royally fun occasion. And if you are already there because you study, work or have an internship in the capital of the Netherlands, then save that day to enjoy it with friends.

Photo | BakerlootheReal