Party the Night Away in Santo Domingo

Traveling to Santo Domingo is a great way to take a leap into the past without fear of being trapped in time. Because like the old Spanish colony it is, the majestic centuries old squares, cobblestone roads and impressive architecture in cathedrals and other monumental buildings are the most distinctive things about Santo Domingo, along with the good vibes you will get from the locals from the moment you arrive.

Whether you are a gourmand or a foodie, your first steps in Santo Domingo should take you on a gastronomic route to taste the typical delights to be found find in the many restaurants that make this city one of the best destinations to pay homage to the palate: from the classic tostones (made from fried green plantains with a touch of salt, which make a wonderful side to any dish) to the delicious Pica Pollo, fried chicken marinated in the authentic Dominican style.

And after an afternoon of strolling marathon-style to burn calories after a hearty Dominican feast, good sense calls for a nap and a shower before putting on you finest threads and heading to a fabulous nightclub to dance the night away, because if Santo Domingo is known for one thing, it’s for its many nightclubs. You’ll wear out your shoes on the dance floor!

When night falls, the streets of Santo Domingo are filled with irresistible Caribbean rhythms and delicious tropical drinks. The area where the action is, and where you should direct your happy steps, is concentrated around George Washington Avenue, next to the waterfront boulevard that separates land from sea. And by the way: the best clubs tend to be part of the large hotel chains.

So whether you like merengue, bachata, or you’re game for whatever tropical sound they throw at you, in Santo Domingo you won’t lack the opportunity to dance and gozar into the wee hours of the night!

Photo | Rey Perezoso