Sailing and laughter around Xochimilco

Excursión por los canales de Xoximilco, México

Sailing and laughter around Xochimilco. That’s the fun plan that we propose you to do with your friends over a weekend in Mexico, and especially if you are on a study trip. Let’s go, we’re going on an excursion and a real Mexican party!

We were on our way. It was 12 o’clock when we finally arrived at this picturesque place known as Xochimilco, which was declared as a World Heritage site in 2011. We got as close as the new quay at ‘Nativitas’, and we were really looking forward to boarding and casting off on one of those colourful small boats. The good thing is that it’s an easy plan that can be improvised, which is why we bought some food and drink for the journey and then negotiated the boat hire on the spot to give us a 3-hour sail around the canals.

That was how this great, enjoyable, stimulating, not very touristic and fantastic experience started. We loved it! The hours flew by between the boats full of families, groups of friends, and cheerful Mariachis who filled the afternoon with their music. When the clock reached five in the afternoon, we went ashore. We’re happy: we had a great time and we feel like going again and to recommend it.

Do you get why we couldn’t come up with a more enjoyable plan for spending a Saturday or Sunday and having a good laugh with friends? Only in Mexico.

Photo | Marita Acosta