Seville, a bike, and you


These days, a new symbol of Seville is the bicycle. Or at least so says US cable news network CNN, which recently reported that the home of the Giralda is second best in the world for two-wheeling. In 2013, Andalusia’s capital was declared the world’s fourth best city for bicycling. Want to know why?

For starters, a whopping 120 kilometres of bike lanes have been added to let cyclists glide all over town, separated from footpaths to allow them to get around safely and easily.

Seville is also a hotspot for public bicycles, thanks to the local service Sevici, with more than 250 bike stations across town. Residents pay an annual fee to use these bikes, while visitors can buy a one-week pass for 13.33€, which can be purchased with a credit card at any Sevici station. So if you happen to be studying here, you and your friends can take advantage of this service to get around easily and cheaply – not to mention in the most fun, eco-friendly going.

Photo | Miquel C.