Summer in Oslo: Take a Dip in the Middle of the City

The Norwegian winter can have many attractions for the winter traveler: bundling up to go for a walk, visiting museums or experiencing the nightlife’s many charms. But … why not wait a bit and enjoy the opposite? Like spending many hours in the glorious daylight, enjoying the outdoors and even taking out the swimsuit to take a dip in the purest Oslo style.

Because the summer in Oslo, with the crowds cooling off in the same fjord that had been practically frozen for months, is something that you have to experience firsthand. In addition, the recent renovation of the city’s central port has added a lot of activities to the mix, with its calm waters as the protagonist.

If you want to enjoy breathtaking views of the entire city, you can dine on one of its spectacular rooftop restaurants. The Thief Roof is one of the coolest; a place with a great vibe and enough room to view the city from above, while delighting to the aroma of sumptuous grilled dishes.

Another way to spice up your days in Oslo is to indulge in a sauna at the SALT center… which is not, let us be clear, a normal, ordinary sauna. On the contrary (you’ll find out how original these Nordic folks are!) is an eclectic mix of sauna, music, gastronomy and architecture. The venue is already something out of the ordinary: a sort of pyramid-shaped amphitheater where people enjoy the warmth while listening to their favorite DJ’s.

And if you’re thinking about taking a refreshing dip to help you cope with the Nordic sun, the places where you can jump into the water (both fresh and salt water) are spread throughout the city. One of the most frequented areas is in the Frysja area, a place of ??waterfalls that descend from Lake Maridalsvannet.

Another very popular bathing area in Oslo is on the Bygdøy peninsula, with its sandy beach, its rocks and cool grass to lie down and recharge the batteries. Also the area of ??the islands (with ferries from Vippetangen), Hovedøya, Gressholmen and Langøyene.

You will not want for ways to enjoy the most authentic Oslo summer. Do you want to experience it for yourself? You’re taking too long to book your flights to Oslo this summer!

Photo | Elisabetta Stringhi