Terrific Barhopping Streets in Galicia’s Lively A Coruña

Up near Spain’s northwestern corner, the port city of A Coruña is busy with shipping, fishing, and other business – but also has a big student population which drives a pretty hopping nightlife, on weekdays as well as weekends (though Sundays seem to be especially buzzing).

To find it, head to the city’s historic quarter. One of the best places to start is Rúa Barrera, a street known for its dozen or so tapas bars lined up one after the other. Less than a ten-minute stroll away, Rúa San Xoán (that’s in the local language Galician; in Spanish its name is Calle San Juan) is also home to a batch of tapas bars as well as copas bars (specifically for drinking). And it’s here especially that locals love to throng the outdoor tables on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

These are far from the only streets in A Coruña’s old quarter to eat, drink, and make merry; others include Franja, Galera, Olmos, and Estrella. All pointing up the fact that Galicia’s salty old queen of the sea remains a good-time gal in 2020.

Photo: Youleks